Dr. Deirdre Josipovic

"I've just come back from a week's clinical component with IAT in Sydney and what a great experience it was indeed. It started off in Sydney where, amongst the millions of people living and working there, I happened to bump into David Salinger on the street!! Having only ever 'met' him through his webinars, I took it as a sign of great things ahead.

As there were only 2 students, we had ample opportunity to ask questions, to examine patients and revise specific topics and areas of concern /confusion.
All the things that I had been reading in theory over the months became much clearer as we started seeing the patients.

Thank you IAT and David - your wealth of knowledge and ability to share that information in a clear and concise way was excellent. Your sense of humour and your generosity of information and time made it all the more enjoyable!!

I am excited and ready to embark on this new chapter in my life."

Dr Deirdre Josipovic, South Africa.
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