Carienne Hew

"I have been in the hair care industry for the past 12 years. At the end of 2012, I decided to upgrade myself by studying with IAT. Regarding the course, I was really impressed with the modular study and the webinars, which made the modules much easier to understand.

During the clinical training, my trainer didn’t just teach me about the skills and the right way to conduct the consultation but also taught me the importance of telling the truth to patients, giving them the correct information, and being as positive as possible with the patient. I learnt that passion and knowledge are critical.

I have really enjoyed the process of learning and appreciated my trainer and my fellow clinical training mate, Dr. Deirdre from South Africa, for sharing their professional knowledge and experiences in hair, scalp and medicine with me.

For the first time, my husband and I attended the IAT’s Annual Conference in Brisbane, Australia. We had the chance to meet other people who are also specialising in hair care. We shared information and networked with each other, which is important from a business point of view. There were some wonderful lectures ranging from business development of hair care to new technology in hair transplantation, new products, and updated hair and scalp research information. The most impressive lecture for me was about the business coaching in the hair care industry. I learned a lot from this Conference. Thanks to the organisers and the speakers who put their efforts into this conference."

Carienne Hew, Singapore
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