I worked in a trichological clinic with my husband for many years but did not take any formal training whilst my children were young.

When I decided to begin training I looked at several options on courses with different organisations that were on offer.

I decided to study with the IAT because their course was user friendly and my initial interaction with the IAT was excellent.

The modules were easy to follow and understand, and help was always on hand. The modules were well structured and crammed with sequential information.

The training was also revision-based after each module, which I think is extremely important.

The knowledge I gained during training gave me added confidence and I am more able to understand and empathise with my patients.

The regular “Updates” that are provided to members and students are a terrific source of information that is not available to a Trichologist under normal circumstances.

As I stated earlier, I did look at several trichology training options and, on that basis, would only recommend training with the IAT.

This programme enthuses the trainee who ultimately wants to practise trichology.


Joanne Cunningham
Manchester, U.K.