Both my wife, Helen, and myself have been interested in this field of Hair and Scalp care for nearly 4 years. My background is with the pharmaceutical industry. We came to know of “Trichology” through the first Certified Trichologist in India, Dr. Apoorva Shah. His success and contributions to the Indian society encouraged us to do this course with the IAT.

We enrolled with the IAT during 2006. The interactions with the IAT were excellent at every moment and their support was phenomenal. The entire course was an eye opener in the field of health and the coaching was first class on every aspect.

The training included revision of the entire course, live consultations, presentations, sharing of knowledge on latest developments in the field and, above all, how a trichologist practises and the ethics one should follow. We were thoroughly immersed in the care and affection shown by David Salinger, and his teachings were very simple but comprehensive so that anyone would understand.

Fortunately, we passed the final exams and that made us the 10th and 11th qualified trichologists in India. We have now started our own clinic in Chennai.

We take this opportunity to thank IAT for making all this happen and for bringing out the best in us. We hope many more students and professionals will take this opportunity and make a career of trichology.

Robert and Helen Kenengton, Chennai, India
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