I have a long history in cosmetology. I passed the Beauty Culture examinations in 1990, and started doing cosmetology on a part time basis, since I was in charge of a School Science Laboratory. This combination of science and cosmetology served as an impetus for further knowledge and understanding of hair care and hair products. I began searching for answers.

Trichology provided these answers.

In 2004, having successfully completed the International Association of Trichology programme, I opened a Hair and Scalp Clinic. I am committed to improving the hair and scalp condition of my patients who are faced with several challenges in this area.

The knowledge I have gained from the programme has allowed me to treat my patients with added confidence, having the ability to diagnose problems which they experience. The structure of the programme, with its detailed syllabus and hands on clinical training has provided me with a rich foundation on which to build my new career.

The Association continues to provide ready support and advice when the need arises. I would recommend this programme to anyone who wants to further their knowledge and understanding of hair and scalp problems.

Jennifer Maynard-Jaimungal, Trinidad, West Indies
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