Both my wife, Dr Sonal, and I have had a passion for hair for the last 23 years. It all started in medical college in 1981 when one of our relatives was suffering severe hair loss and both Sonal and I started thinking furiously on developing treatments for hair. Our inquisitiveness and passion for hair translated into the birth of Rich Feel, a brand exclusively devoted to hair and skin through clinics and products.

When we graduated in 1986 as medical doctors, we went to London for further training in hair and skin and, after intensive training for 6 months, we returned to India to establish our own practice in the field of skin and hair care.

However, we were still not happy with the knowledge we possessed in hair care.

In our quest to constantly upgrade our knowledge, we went to Singapore to learn about hair-weaving. It was here that we first came to know about the International Association of Trichologists (IAT). We were terribly excited and, on returning to India, I contacted the IAT. From that time, it has been one fruitful and fulfilling journey into trichology.

I immediately decided to fly to Sydney, Australia to complete my training in trichology with the IAT. Although I was a medical practitioner, this training was truly eye-opening.

Life took a big turn and being India's first Certified Trichologist brought in a lot of fame and name. I owe all my success and fame to the training I received from the IAT.

It was now time for my wife, Sonal, to go to Australia for her training. She passed the exam with flying colours and became India's first Certified Woman Trichologist.

Over the past four years we have been tricho-consultants to Proctor and Gamble, Marico and Bajaj, in addition to running our own trichology clinics. We were also appointed as official Hair Care Experts to Femina Miss India. For our work in trichology, we won the prestigious Maharsahtra Vaibhav Award.

Truly, our association with the IAT and trichology has proven to be a turning point in our lives.

Dr Apoorva Shah, Mumbai, India
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