Assessment of prior learning will be available to all participants. Recognition of prior learning acknowledges skills and knowledge obtained through formal training (conducted by industry or recognised educational institutions), work experience, and life experience. The main focus is on the learning outcomes of these experiences, not the how, when or where the learning occurred. A fee of US$300.00 will be charged for this assessment. The final exam will always have to be taken (cost US$300) and clinical training undertaken.

In order to gain RPL, evidence provided may include certification, references from employers, references from clients and examples of your work.

Those people who feel their knowledge will enable them to pass the final exam without undertaking the course may request such an opportunity by supplying the appropriate evidence for R.P.L.(cost US$300). If the request is deemed reasonable, they will be allowed to take the final exam without enrolling in the program. In such a case, a further fee of US$300.00 will be charged. Clinical training will still have to be undertaken.


Applications for credit or status for entry into the course will be determined on the basis of consideration of official transcripts of academic record from the appropriate college or institute.

Status granted through credit transfer is recorded on your Student Academic Record. There is no fee when applying for recognition through credit transfer.


IAT is required to collect and store personal information in order to administer applications, enrolment and monitor academic progress. We will ensure that information collected is only used for the purpose for which it was collected.


Students will be in constant contact with the course administrator, David Salinger, who will supervise training.

Any questions, problems with the course or complaints should be addressed to Mr. Salinger at the International Association of Trichologists. Any complaint, appeal and its outcome will be recorded by IAT in writing. Each appeal will be heard by an independent person or panel, and each appellant will be given the opportunity to formally present his or her case. The appellant will be given a written statement of the appeal outcome, including reasons for the decision.


IAT is committed to equitable access to vocational education for everybody. We will attempt to achieve equal educational and vocational outcomes for all of our students.


1. Any student may terminate their enrolment in the trichology course by returning all course material to the IAT in good and usable condition within a week of having received them. In such a case a refund of all but US$150.00 will be made.

2. If course materials are returned to the IAT in good and usable condition after a week, but within 90 days of having received them, a refund of all but US$300.00 will be made.

3. If course materials are returned to the IAT in good and usable condition after 90 days, but within 180 days of having received them, a refund of all but US$500.00 will be made.