Students enrolling in the course must be at least 18 years of age.

Two months are allowed for the completion of each section of the course. Hence, the student is expected to complete the entire written part of the course within two years. However, you go at your own speed and some students complete the course in under a year.  At the end of most modules, competency is tested with a written test which is sent to the course administrator for assessment.

Eight hundred and fifty hours of study will enable most students to complete the written part of the course. On top of this,five days of clinical training must be undertaken, either during or after the theoretical part of the course, under the supervision of a certified trichologist with at least one year of full-time clinical experience and authorised by IAT to supervise such training. The cost of this training is not included in the cost of the course. The present cost is US$2000.00 for the five days.

At the completion of all practical and theoretical work, a written examination will be administered under supervision. Certification will be awarded to those students reaching the required level of competency. Certified Trichologists can then join the International Association of Trichologists as members (cost is US$250 per year) and may use the letters “IAT” after their name and may use the “Certified Trichologist” logo.

The student’s ability to exit and re-enter the course is not restricted by the structure of the course. Those students who complete units of competency can obtain a statement of academic record if requested.

Employment openings for certified trichologists will be advertised in the IAT newsletter. Most trichologists work for themselves and it must be realised that it takes time to build up a successful practice.