Hair loss, baldness, scaling, itching and excessive
oiliness are problems from which many people
suffer and about which they would like
knowledgeable, professional advice and, where
possible, treatment.

An educational program was therefore developed
at the University of Southern California to expand
the knowledge of students into the area of trichology
so that the legally licensed and qualified
professionals will be able to help clients with scalp
and hair problems in a way that has not always
been possible.

Successful completion of the program will enable
the interested professional to become a "Certified
Trichologist" of the International Association of
Trichologists, which is the professional body
responsible for handling the trichology program.

The administrator of the course and Director of IAT
is David Salinger. Mr Salinger is a member and
Director of the International Association of
Trichologists and an honorary member of the
Institute of Trichologists (U.K.).